~ ‘A Tacony Civilian Affair’ ~ Chapter 10 “Fairmount” – ‘The Series’

Chapter 10


‘The Series’
~ ‘A Tacony Civilian Affair’ ~


Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.

The Police Commissioner watched Captain Noodles’ departure. Captain Samuel watched the commissioner. Dexter Talis looked, approached the captain and said, “You know why we had to get him out of here don’t you?” The captain nodded, “I am somewhat aware of the reasoning Commissioner.” He replied.
“Noodles is not cut out for civilian affairs – people just don’t like him.”
Samuel replied, “You mean people who don’t look like him…don’t you Commissioner?”

The lieutenant commissioner and the commissioner looked at the captain long and hard. “Yeah…that’s what I mean.”

“Listen Willice,” said the commissioner. “The mayor and a host of other big wigs will be arriving shortly. I’d like for you and the ranger to head up this mess. I’m aware of Glenn and the Mayor’s understanding and I know what some folk’s think of me…I’d like for you to keep me in the loop – I’ll do my best to get you whatever you need to get this job done – and I’ll keep Noodles out of your hair as well. If you do right by me, I’ll do right by you.”
Samuel gave the commissioner and his lieutenant a nod. “We all shall see Commissioner…we shall see.” “You know that I can make this an order Captain…but I’d like your trust in me Willice, to back you up – trust in me to back up what I promise…what we promise.” Tanex and Talis nodded and smiled in unison.

Willice said, “I know what can and won’t be done Commissioners…and I do appreciate the candor and faith in our abilities, the ranger and me.” The captain walked from the middle of the bridge on Girard Avenue and headed towards 34th Street where the ranger and his team where stationed. The commissioner motioned for his car. He relinquished control to his lieutenant. Hew then turned and leaned on the bridge railing and gazed out over the river, which seemed to evenly flow towards center city. He thought,” What in the hell is happening to this town – its crime, the current terror in the park, and his job?”

Mayor Finkles was wide-awake and constantly and continually apprised of the events of the night. Sleep being disallowed, she sipped on a glass half-filled with an expensive sherry. She received and transmitted communications from her downstairs home office. Between sips, she pondered the conversation between Talis, Tanex, and Francis. The conference call between the four was narrowed to three with Genailia’s departure from the call. She was heading to meet Glenn at the zoo. The conversation shifted from correlating strategies of capturing the escaped bruins to that of command competence of the play callers. The trio agreed that politics and personal gain took a back seat to populace security. They also agreed that Captain Noodles is best assigned to head up operations in the Northeast region. They agreed that many of the area’s men would respond to the captain’s directives as opposed to Samuel.

Captain Noodles arrived at the Tacony District Police Headquarters before going on to Kensington. The shift commander informed him of the arrest of suspect in the Kensington Stranglings. He asked the commander if the guy was black or white. The cop responded with a smile and said, “Well Captain, he ain’t no jungle bunny!” The captain smiled. The commander continued, “The guy looks like a spear-chuckin nigger with a spic name.” The captain laughed aloud. “Yeah, said the watch commander, “they got the motherfucker somewhere on Westmoreland Street earlier this evening.”
“Good,” Said Noodles. “That’s on less murderin nigger on our streets…and one less black ass preying on our white women!” Laughing aloud, the duo headed into the back room of the building where ‘whites only’ hung out between shift changes – when suddenly, an explosion occurred. It sounded like a bomb, blurted out by one of the cops who happened to be a Viet-Nam Veteran. The building shook violently as did other buildings and homes in the area.

Police stationed inside the district building darted about. Others converged in the commons room and then outdoors to see what was amiss.
Just about all of the neighbors in the area was standing out in the cold of the night to see what was the matter. No one knew until the fire engine sirens screamed enroute to the destination of the explosion. The siren screams grew as many other first responders arrived at the scene of destruction.

A house on Disston Street near Frankford was engulfed in a ball of fire. Three row houses on either side of the dwelling were also engaged in the white-yellow-blue-red light with billows of black smoke rising from them. Fire Fighters sprayed the properties with cold streams of high-pressure water being pumped from the corner fire hydrants and their trucks. Many of the area neighbors were standing out in the cold in pajamas and bathrobes. Women holding babies were standing in the slippers on the icy-cold sidewalk. Several of the men were double-checking accountability of their families, pets, and vehicles. Many of the cars and trucks on the blocks were destroyed…burned and burning and or crushed by building material and hot bricks. The strong and pungent aroma of gas permeated the air as police were ordered to get the people out of the immediate area for fear of more explosions.
Captain Noodles ushered his driver towards their unmarked police cruiser. Immediately, he began barking orders to his men over the police radio communicator. “All squad commanders in the Tacony District – get these houses evacuated right now – cordon off that area for three bocks square around the site of that fire – I don’t want anything living inside that restricted area except fire, gas, and rescue personnel. I am enroute to the location from Bustleton Avenue. I should be arriving in under five minutes.”

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