~Fairmount The Series Pt. 6: “Physical Alterations”~


The Series

Part 6
“Physical Alterations”


Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.



“Well gentlemen, shall I enlighten our esteemed gatherers to you’re – shall I say, most recent activities?” The ranger smiled. The four zoo officials looked at one another. The mayor, the commissioners, and the three captains looked at them as well. They did not answer.

The ranger waited as he nodded to his colleagues. Professor Francis stood with several papers in her hand. “Madame Mayor, Commissioners, and Gentlemen of Our City’s Law Enforcement Community…I have documentation that supports a belief that our city zoo officials have first hand knowledge of counsel given and granted to a research project on the Alaskan Bear Project.” Genailia peered directly at the four learned and stunned men. She put down the papers and picked up a batch of photos. One by one, she passed them out to the panel members. They in turn viewed them while passing the pictures back to Genailia. The ranger said, “I’ll ask you once more…what in the hell have you all to do with this bear and its physical alterations?” He glared directly at the assumed leader of the group – Dr. Horatio Martin Mulberry, P.H.D., D.V.M. The dumbfounded group leader frowned and grew angry. “What are those damned papers in your possession?” The Doctor of Veterinary Medicine barked. His questioning demand was announced with ferociousness as his eyes narrowed and reddened with a cold and defiant stare. The evil eyes darted and fixed directly on Ranger Glenn after glancing off the two professors.

Gerald replied, “They are documentation and photographic proof of you and your revered colleagues’ involvement in this insidious experiment with wildlife manipulation!”

The three other officials, Dr. Stephen Lazzaro Steigleton, P.H.D., Dr. Martini Rossi Henrikson, P.H.D., and Lawrence Salzy McGorsky, Anthropologist, Archeologist and Doctor of Veterinary Science. Mulberry stood and motioned to the other zoo officials. They rose in tandem and filed out of the meeting room arena. In the corridor outside the mayor’s office was a contingent of reporters. They’d gotten wind of a heated discussion in connection with the mauling attacks of last month. One particular journalist found a way to listen in on the private conversation exclusively.

Salestian “Sally” Michaels was born and raised in Philadelphia. He got his start as a ‘South Philly’ newspaper boy. In the heart of the ‘Mafiosi’ community, Michaels shined shoes, ran errands, and did odd jobs for the guys. “Good Fellas” like Angel Brondidi and Nick “the Needle” Scarily. Sally, as his friends and adversaries called him, hung around the corner bars on Passyunk Avenue. The little Black Kid was a pest. But the guys liked him. Nobody dared call him ‘Nigger’ or “Lil Black Sambo.” Angie didn’t like it. The last man that did it went missing a couple of days later. He was found six months later. The body turned up while workers were rehabbing an old pier of the Tioga Docks on the Delaware River. The body was found in an old rusted out fifty-five gallon oil drum in the basement of one of the storage piers on site. He seemed to have a rather large clown like smile. It turned out to be a blood-coagulated slit from ear to ear, just under the chin. The lips were frozen shut around a sausage that was shoved in his mouth. He’d been there for some time. The coroner estimated a five to six month period. The drum, like many others, went unnoticed n the waterfront of the old docking pier that was mired and caked with sludge from oil off many barges docked at the old piers along the strait.

The missing man slapped Sally n the top of his head and kicked in the butt. Laughing with his friends, the drunken white man chided about the little nigger kid’s hanging out and panhandling for dimes and handouts. He said to his compatriots, “Look at them sambos…beggin and shinin for our hard-earned dough. The Black bastards ought to be lickin my spit and wiping my ass just for the privilege of lookin at me!”
But the dude messed with the wrong lil black kid. This kid was Angie’s kid – his protégé.

Michaels knew of a little closet-like door right next to the personal entrance to the mayor’s chambers. It was an old broom closet not in use for years. The walls were paper -thin. One of which rotted to the point of disintegration. It was due to be replaced and had been neglected for work elsewhere in City Hall. The reporter kept this accidental info to himself. He stumbled upon it one day while chasing a story. City Hall suffered a temporary blackout one summer during his first year of reporting. He stumbled upon the room in the dark while seeking the men’s restroom. Sally got wind of some of the best inside stories for a rookie reporter right from that little room. At the young age of eighteen, he got the job through an acquaintance of Angie’s. The guy owed Angie a couple of favors, so he hired Sally in order to appease his situation with the good fellow. He really didn’t like the kid because he was black…but he was Angie’s kid. From an errand boy in the copy room, Sally grew on Adam Silvestry. The two old guys sponsored and paid for Sally’s college education. After graduating Philadelphia University with a degree in Business Administration, Sally worked a few jobs around town. They were basically dead end jobs where many yes men hung out – hoping and kissing ass for promotions. Salestian wanted to write. He took a few journalism courses at Temple University and chased a few stories for the Globe. He was always under the watchful eye of Silvestry.

During a mayoral election, Sally got an inside scoop while hanging out with one of his Old Italian buddies. His buddy was a South Philly committeeman who had some pull around town. After his first feature story, Sally was hired full-time as a reporter for the Globe. From that point on, he was and had become an ace reporter as well as earning journalistic respect and town and in Camden too.
The inside scoop on this story will win him a Pulitzer Prize, he thought. He was enjoying the birds-eye view on this scoop – a big time story and its unfolding events.

Glenn said to the mayor, “The animal that we seek is a product of an insane experiment. The zoo guys are directly involved in it. They are manipulating plant and animal species for the purpose of stimulation and enlargement of growth. I suspect their capitalistic egos are tasting and smelling huge financial and notoriety gain – at the expense of the animals and us… Deaths be damned – its collateral damage in their eyes.”

“So what do we do about it?” Asked the mayor. “What do we do to get this animal and keep it from killing anyone else?”

“My team and I will deal with the animal. The question is what will you do in dealing with the assholes that brought this shit here?” Replied the ranger.

Finkles’ green eyes seemed to flash red. “OK men…that’s it…let’s get to work! I want this nightmare ended – give the ranger anything and everything he needs and or wants!” She paused and glared at the two captains. “And I mean everything!” She placed special emphasis on the word everything as she stormed out of the reception room through a door into the private mayoral chambers. Once there, she snatched the receiver of the telephone from its cradle. Buttons were punched feverishly. She was more than angry. She was pissed…totally. From outside of her chambers, the demanding and tumultuous screams could seemingly be heard throughout the city hall infrastructure. Professor Rockford just followed along in silence.

The police captains glared at each other while standing in place like pillars of salt. The commissioners nodded at one another upon departure from the meeting room. The ranger, Genailia, and Vernon were already descending the stairway from the top floor. They had no time to wait for elevators. Glenn was anxiously screaming orders to his pre-assembled team by way of two-way radio. He kept the unit on his holster attached to his belt, next to his cell phone. Genailia was anxiously giving directions to her staff via cell phone. Her administrative and investigative staff was centered and housed in the old “Germantown Hall” located at Germantown Avenue and Haines Street in the Germantown area of Philly. The 14th District was right next-door – it used to be housed within the Town Hall structure until they became separated with the construction of the new and modernized building, The command center of Captain Samuel!








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~ “Fairmount” Part Four: ‘A Pillar of Salt’ ~



The Series

Part 4:

‘A Pillar of Salt’


Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.

…Here We Go Again!

Another excerpt from the highly acclaimed action adventure, “Fairmount.”



Sirens screamed…seemingly from everywhere. The eeriness of the moonlit night chilled the souls of all witnessing the frightening and tragic event. The female driver who was involved in the fender-bender, stood still. When she reached her car, a 2006 Mercedes XE – she stood…shivering. The woman stared with the eyes of a statue, a pillar of salt. Her face stone cold and pale chalky white…just screamed. She wasn’t aware of her scream. The remaining eastbound drivers of the group were also not aware of her scream. The scream lasted until the first EMT injected her with a sedative, calming her. The scream assailed all the ears in the vicinity. The scream died on the examination table at the hospital ER.


CSI and several other investigation units scoured the scene…flood lights illuminated all of the terrain – from the marsh along the river up to the guard rails of the route 76 highway above the railroad tracks. The entire nighttime darkness virtually became a daytime scene due to the powerful emergency searchlights.


The mayor scrambled her entourage and cohorts together in an attempt to explain the situation to the media and citizens of Philly. She didn’t know what to say. She didn’t know what to do. She excused herself and disappeared into another room of her City Hall Office. She sat down and cried.


Ranger Glenn was returning from Juneau Alaska when he got the call from his subordinate officers. He was alerted just as he was pilling into bed after the long airplane ride back to Philadelphia by way of New York. The trip was an investigative research and information-gathering endeavor. The trip was long…he was tired. The fact-finding trip proved fruitful. The expedition was intended as a how and why this animal, which belongs in the Alaskan wilderness, found its way to the Philadelphia area.


Barrow Alaska is the Northern most cities in the United States (Atka is the Western most in Alaska and the country) – Juneau is the largest in Alaska and the US, 3,100 sq. miles). Gerald visited several wildlife sites, animal refuge areas, and wild animal experts and rangers in the Juneau, Anchorage, Talkeetna, Denali, Glacier Bay, Kenai Fjords, and Kodiak Island Alaskan territories while ending his investigation in Barrow. It was when he stopped in to look around a few lumber camps, a scenario of possibilities and circumstances started to take form. The travel route of the unreported – undetected bear family.


Captain Samuel was entertaining guests at his Mount Airy home when his cell phone alert sounded. Elizabeth, his wife, their three children, 16 year old Garreth, 12 year old Randall, and 8 year old Teresa – along with Willice’s in-laws, Christine and Frank Ramorez, his two brothers Russell and Steve, and parents Ernest and Valerie Samuel jumped to attention when the Captain became rigid and stopped laughing. Willice stopped flipping burgers on the Barbie as well.


The Samuels’ were proud of their sons. Russell was the manager of the ‘Well-Stop’ restaurant and bar in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. Steve worked in a Chestnut Hill bookstore, while Willice rose through the ranks to Lieutenant and to Captain of the Philly Police Department after graduating Philadelphia University – formerly known as Textile University with a four-year degree in Business Administration. The family Samuel were not wealthy. Ernest worked for several construction companies while raising his children. Valerie was a data processor at a suburban area insurance company for many years. They were a hardworking, close-nit and loving family who struggled to eldest son through college. Willice was the first and only male child to attend and graduate with a baccalaureate degree. His mother earned an associate degree several months prior to Willice’s birth. Russell and Steve decided to wait for college – they weren’t really interested in attending anyway.


Captain Jarard Noodles, aka, “Noodle-head Noodles, as referred by his subordinates and many who knew him, rose through the ranks by way of nepotism…his father and grandfather were cops before him. Jarard was a die-hard bigot. The ‘good-ole boys genre was born to him…he hated Blacks, Asians, Latinos, Mexicans, Indians, Jews, and women – as well as anyone else whom he deemed a lesser being – most everyone except white folk who thought and believed like him. The aforementioned groups, he believed were not his equal…to be subservient to white folk – especially to him. They were born to kiss his Irish ass…many in his charge did – but not Willice. Jarard barely made it through high school. He was at best a ‘D’ student…he sometimes earned a ‘C’. He hated to read and write. His subordinates voice taped or read his reports to him on a regular basis. His directives were recorded and later typed by administrative assistants for dispersal among the ranks of his district unit officers. He was raised in the ‘Fish Town’ neighborhood of the city.


Mayor Finkles got dressed in a lavender colored pantsuit with black pumps on her feet. She squawked into the multi-faceted telephone speaker system…Commissioner Dexter Talis listened intently. The mayor ordered her press secretary to prepare an announcement to the stave off the press reports. The last thing she wanted was a panicked and in-informed populace. The mayors’ entourage was at the ready when she appeared…waving a let’s go signal while disappearing into her waiting limo after exiting her Chestnut Hill residence…enroute to the parks’ west-river drive.


It took the mayor all of fifteen minutes to reach the horrific and catastrophic scene. The newspaper, TV, radio, and network news media were already encamped at the site. The mayors’ personal police escort carved a direct access route through the barricades and intrepid news-hawks. She stepped out of the car, surrounded by bodyguards and her immediate staff. Microphones and cameras made an attempt to smother her. She waved her left hand and with a sternful glance…indicating no interviews or statements. The bulbous police bodyguard squad insured non-interference as she made her way to the central rescue zone.


The coroner was already loading the lower half of the dead cop’s body into the van as the two captains arrived on scene. “Damn”, exclaimed Captain Noodles while viewing the bloody scene and what was left of the cop. “One of the witnesses is already at the hospital,” stated a 14th District Sergeant. Captain Samuel asked, “What in the hell kind of animal are we dealing with?” The swat team commander reported to commissioner Talis. “We’ve found a blood trail leading back from the roadway down to the river’s edge. All that we found was a couple of fingers, a pool of blood, very large animal paw-prints, and crushed shrubbery… Nothing else…whatever it was, it’s gone!” Captain Samuel ordered the gathering of all witnesses for a Q and A at central detective headquarters – the Roundhouse at downtown Eight and Race Streets. The search and rescue floodlights lit up the river, on both sides. Up and down the river, from one side to the other, the search continued. The search continued until dawn. “What in God’s name are we up against?” voiced Commissioner Tanex. The Police Commissioner just arrived on the scene at about 6:30 A.M. He received the report from Lieutenant Commissioner Talis. The commissioner was out of town on official business with the Governor’s commission on crime in Harrisburg. The mayor was standing close by directing a rap-up of last night’s massacre. A voice answered the commissioner…

It’s a bear…a rather larger than life monster Kodiak bear. The voice of dread was that of the newly appointed Environmental Protection Agency agent and Governmental National Parks and Wildlife Ranger Gerald Glenn.










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