~Fairmount, the series: Pt. 7 ‘That Damned River’~



the series:

Pt. 7

‘That Damned River’


Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.


The ides of December brought no new activity from the beast. The people went with their daily activities as they prepared for the upcoming Christmas and New Year Holiday events. The ranger and his team were mapping out strategies for their assault on the “Killer Kodiak.”

There weren’t any new signs or tracks to be followed along the banks of the Schuylkill River since the last attack. There were no signs of activity or attacks. Glenn and his team started their search at the last killing scene along the West River Drive in Fairmount Park. They contemplated setting up bait traps, steel claw traps, and prowler stations. The river was now in a state of sporadic ice packs scattered out on the water. Ice platforms gathered at the edge of the dam where the majestic view of the Art Museum peered out over the river. The mini glaciers piled up along the edge of the dam where the East and West River Drives meet in the park. A driveway bridge connected the two roads that allowed access into the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and I-95 corridor via route 676.

Snow began to fall at eleven a.m. on December Seventeen, a Saturday. It began to form heavy flakes at four p.m. The layer of snow on the ground measured at two and a half inches from the ground. At 6 p.m., the snow fell heavier and the layer on the ground exceeded the earlier measurement. The wind was mild. It blew about five to 10 miles an hour at a nor’ easterly direction that eventually blew nor’ westerly. The ranger wondered where this beast had gone. Did it just up and leave? Did it eat enough? Did it decide to hibernate? If so, where? “Where the fuck did it go?” He began to stare at the dam along the river and wondered about the pumping station wells underbellies.

The ranger shouted aloud…”Damn!” His staring at the river-dam evolved into an all-out eyeball examination of the location. He turned to one of site searching rangers with the communications backpack. It contained a field radio and satellite telephone. “Get the city archeological engineering department on the horn – I want to know what’s under this dam and pumping station shacks – pronto!”

The City of Philadelphia Records Department, city archives division, responded to the call almost immediately. They could not get the original plans out to him for fear of disintegration – exposure to air and light. The electronic facsimile was available but could not be made immediately available. It could take more than an hour to locate the electronic backup. The field unit also needed to get a notebook computer out to then as well. The portable computer delivery would not necessarily create a problem to dispatch… The date would. It was faster to go to the source – the records department at city hall. Glenn was just five miles away.

Sirens screamed down the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and Pavilion into the City Hall Courtyard. The police car drove directly up and onto the sidewalk surrounding the building – through the breezeway into the courtyard and entrance doors nearest the records department. Ranger Glenn exited the vehicle and dashed through the double doors into the first floor corridor. The records room was just off to the right. The records staff was ready and waiting. They were at the rangers beckon call. The data was being uploaded as Glenn and Police Sergeant Macauleany, the officer from the Smith Playground attack site, and a ranger lieutenant by the name of ‘Asa Wells’ stood by.

It was Lieutenant Wells who noted the fresh footprints in the old snow on the bike and jogger trail. The jogging trail continued into the other side of the river from under the overpass of the west river drive that lead down to the Southside of the Schuylkill River.

The prints in the snow were out of the team’s search area. They could not see them. The trail of prints was pounding a path in the direction of the Philadelphia Zoo.

At the records department, Glenn was able to pull up the archived data on the river’s dam. He was not surprised to discover an underpass right under the water at the dam’s edge. The underpass lay directly at the base of the dam. It is an existing access causeway for the construction crews to make repairs on the dam. No one ever realized such a space existed. It’s been there since the dam’s construction and has never been used. The records staff watched the ranger as he researched other unknown tunnels under the river and along its banks. They were surprised to see all sorts of underground passageways. These excavations were established about the time the dam was built by the “Free Masons of Pennsylvania.” The research brought to light, even more tunnels of ingress and egress points appeared throughout the city’s underground realm. The ranger instructed the department staff to make him copies of the maps immediately. They complied with an exuberant amount of excitement and pride in their ability to jump too in an emergency. The time was three forty five in the afternoon.

At five o’clock in the afternoon, staff of the Philadelphia Zoo, closed its gates for the day. At 10 p.m., one of the zoo guards was completing his 30-minute rounds. The guard who patrolled the area near the polar bear exhibit noticed their agitation. He thought it unusual. The bears are usually calm and settled at this hour. He made note of it on his report sheet attached to a clipboard. On his way to the brown bruins exhibit alarms rang throughout the establishment. They were quite loud. The surrounding neighborhood knew something was amiss when these alarms went off. It drove them out of their sleep…out of their beds.

The guard froze at the sounding of the alarm. The alarms screamed the scream of the wailing witches of Othello fame. The shipmates of Ulysses could bear witness to the screams. The ship in which they were traveling did crash because of it. The covering of their ears didn’t help either. Odysseus was warned of the screaming witches…the alarms of warning.

Realizing his ass was on the line should he shirk his duties, thought the guard. He recalled the fire. Members of an endangered species, a family group of six lowland gorillas, a family group of three orangutans, four white-handed gibbons, and ten lemurs (2 ruffed, 6 ringtail, and 2 mongoose), died in their sleep from smoke inhalation – carbon monoxide poisoning.

At about 10 pm., two security guards smelled smoke by the Philadelphia Zoo’s primate house as they made their rounds. This happened on Saturday December 24, 1995. They took no action. They dismissed the smell as coming from nearby trains on the railroad tracks as had happened frequently. Almost three hours later, at 12:40 a.m. Sunday, the guards returned and found flames on the roof. Fire and zoo officials pinned the blaze on an electrical malfunction caused by improperly installed wires that heated ceiling pipes. Snow on the roof of the 10-year-old World of Primates building muffled any noise that might have been produced by smoke alarms, and fire officials discovered upon investigation, no one who had heard them sound. This engagement happened within the walls of the world famous landmark.

The guard was not in the frame of mind to receive blame for any wrongdoing. He wanted to be recognized as a guard who was Johnny on the spot…proficient and steadfast. “Shit…they caught me once for sleeping on the overnight shift. Two years ago they caught me for drinking a fuckin beer on New Years Eve in the parking lot. It was my lunch break for Christ’s sake. Shit, I’ve got five fuckin years to lose…unemployment just ain’t gittin it!”

The frantic guard snapped too – and like greased lightning, he bolted towards the designated report station. Once there, another guard was dispatched to the power and alarm and shut-off terminal and grid shack. It’s still called the shack after the new building was erected since the fire. No longer was the guard focused on himself and his troubles. His mind was on his job performance and the saving of animals and zoo property. He thought of all the animals and his designated patrol area. The bear exhibit. The bears needed him.











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~Fairmount The Series Pt. 6: “Physical Alterations”~


The Series

Part 6
“Physical Alterations”


Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.



“Well gentlemen, shall I enlighten our esteemed gatherers to you’re – shall I say, most recent activities?” The ranger smiled. The four zoo officials looked at one another. The mayor, the commissioners, and the three captains looked at them as well. They did not answer.

The ranger waited as he nodded to his colleagues. Professor Francis stood with several papers in her hand. “Madame Mayor, Commissioners, and Gentlemen of Our City’s Law Enforcement Community…I have documentation that supports a belief that our city zoo officials have first hand knowledge of counsel given and granted to a research project on the Alaskan Bear Project.” Genailia peered directly at the four learned and stunned men. She put down the papers and picked up a batch of photos. One by one, she passed them out to the panel members. They in turn viewed them while passing the pictures back to Genailia. The ranger said, “I’ll ask you once more…what in the hell have you all to do with this bear and its physical alterations?” He glared directly at the assumed leader of the group – Dr. Horatio Martin Mulberry, P.H.D., D.V.M. The dumbfounded group leader frowned and grew angry. “What are those damned papers in your possession?” The Doctor of Veterinary Medicine barked. His questioning demand was announced with ferociousness as his eyes narrowed and reddened with a cold and defiant stare. The evil eyes darted and fixed directly on Ranger Glenn after glancing off the two professors.

Gerald replied, “They are documentation and photographic proof of you and your revered colleagues’ involvement in this insidious experiment with wildlife manipulation!”

The three other officials, Dr. Stephen Lazzaro Steigleton, P.H.D., Dr. Martini Rossi Henrikson, P.H.D., and Lawrence Salzy McGorsky, Anthropologist, Archeologist and Doctor of Veterinary Science. Mulberry stood and motioned to the other zoo officials. They rose in tandem and filed out of the meeting room arena. In the corridor outside the mayor’s office was a contingent of reporters. They’d gotten wind of a heated discussion in connection with the mauling attacks of last month. One particular journalist found a way to listen in on the private conversation exclusively.

Salestian “Sally” Michaels was born and raised in Philadelphia. He got his start as a ‘South Philly’ newspaper boy. In the heart of the ‘Mafiosi’ community, Michaels shined shoes, ran errands, and did odd jobs for the guys. “Good Fellas” like Angel Brondidi and Nick “the Needle” Scarily. Sally, as his friends and adversaries called him, hung around the corner bars on Passyunk Avenue. The little Black Kid was a pest. But the guys liked him. Nobody dared call him ‘Nigger’ or “Lil Black Sambo.” Angie didn’t like it. The last man that did it went missing a couple of days later. He was found six months later. The body turned up while workers were rehabbing an old pier of the Tioga Docks on the Delaware River. The body was found in an old rusted out fifty-five gallon oil drum in the basement of one of the storage piers on site. He seemed to have a rather large clown like smile. It turned out to be a blood-coagulated slit from ear to ear, just under the chin. The lips were frozen shut around a sausage that was shoved in his mouth. He’d been there for some time. The coroner estimated a five to six month period. The drum, like many others, went unnoticed n the waterfront of the old docking pier that was mired and caked with sludge from oil off many barges docked at the old piers along the strait.

The missing man slapped Sally n the top of his head and kicked in the butt. Laughing with his friends, the drunken white man chided about the little nigger kid’s hanging out and panhandling for dimes and handouts. He said to his compatriots, “Look at them sambos…beggin and shinin for our hard-earned dough. The Black bastards ought to be lickin my spit and wiping my ass just for the privilege of lookin at me!”
But the dude messed with the wrong lil black kid. This kid was Angie’s kid – his protégé.

Michaels knew of a little closet-like door right next to the personal entrance to the mayor’s chambers. It was an old broom closet not in use for years. The walls were paper -thin. One of which rotted to the point of disintegration. It was due to be replaced and had been neglected for work elsewhere in City Hall. The reporter kept this accidental info to himself. He stumbled upon it one day while chasing a story. City Hall suffered a temporary blackout one summer during his first year of reporting. He stumbled upon the room in the dark while seeking the men’s restroom. Sally got wind of some of the best inside stories for a rookie reporter right from that little room. At the young age of eighteen, he got the job through an acquaintance of Angie’s. The guy owed Angie a couple of favors, so he hired Sally in order to appease his situation with the good fellow. He really didn’t like the kid because he was black…but he was Angie’s kid. From an errand boy in the copy room, Sally grew on Adam Silvestry. The two old guys sponsored and paid for Sally’s college education. After graduating Philadelphia University with a degree in Business Administration, Sally worked a few jobs around town. They were basically dead end jobs where many yes men hung out – hoping and kissing ass for promotions. Salestian wanted to write. He took a few journalism courses at Temple University and chased a few stories for the Globe. He was always under the watchful eye of Silvestry.

During a mayoral election, Sally got an inside scoop while hanging out with one of his Old Italian buddies. His buddy was a South Philly committeeman who had some pull around town. After his first feature story, Sally was hired full-time as a reporter for the Globe. From that point on, he was and had become an ace reporter as well as earning journalistic respect and town and in Camden too.
The inside scoop on this story will win him a Pulitzer Prize, he thought. He was enjoying the birds-eye view on this scoop – a big time story and its unfolding events.

Glenn said to the mayor, “The animal that we seek is a product of an insane experiment. The zoo guys are directly involved in it. They are manipulating plant and animal species for the purpose of stimulation and enlargement of growth. I suspect their capitalistic egos are tasting and smelling huge financial and notoriety gain – at the expense of the animals and us… Deaths be damned – its collateral damage in their eyes.”

“So what do we do about it?” Asked the mayor. “What do we do to get this animal and keep it from killing anyone else?”

“My team and I will deal with the animal. The question is what will you do in dealing with the assholes that brought this shit here?” Replied the ranger.

Finkles’ green eyes seemed to flash red. “OK men…that’s it…let’s get to work! I want this nightmare ended – give the ranger anything and everything he needs and or wants!” She paused and glared at the two captains. “And I mean everything!” She placed special emphasis on the word everything as she stormed out of the reception room through a door into the private mayoral chambers. Once there, she snatched the receiver of the telephone from its cradle. Buttons were punched feverishly. She was more than angry. She was pissed…totally. From outside of her chambers, the demanding and tumultuous screams could seemingly be heard throughout the city hall infrastructure. Professor Rockford just followed along in silence.

The police captains glared at each other while standing in place like pillars of salt. The commissioners nodded at one another upon departure from the meeting room. The ranger, Genailia, and Vernon were already descending the stairway from the top floor. They had no time to wait for elevators. Glenn was anxiously screaming orders to his pre-assembled team by way of two-way radio. He kept the unit on his holster attached to his belt, next to his cell phone. Genailia was anxiously giving directions to her staff via cell phone. Her administrative and investigative staff was centered and housed in the old “Germantown Hall” located at Germantown Avenue and Haines Street in the Germantown area of Philly. The 14th District was right next-door – it used to be housed within the Town Hall structure until they became separated with the construction of the new and modernized building, The command center of Captain Samuel!







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~ “Fairmount” Part Four: ‘A Pillar of Salt’ ~



The Series

Part 4:

‘A Pillar of Salt’


Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.

…Here We Go Again!

Another excerpt from the highly acclaimed action adventure, “Fairmount.”



Sirens screamed…seemingly from everywhere. The eeriness of the moonlit night chilled the souls of all witnessing the frightening and tragic event. The female driver who was involved in the fender-bender, stood still. When she reached her car, a 2006 Mercedes XE – she stood…shivering. The woman stared with the eyes of a statue, a pillar of salt. Her face stone cold and pale chalky white…just screamed. She wasn’t aware of her scream. The remaining eastbound drivers of the group were also not aware of her scream. The scream lasted until the first EMT injected her with a sedative, calming her. The scream assailed all the ears in the vicinity. The scream died on the examination table at the hospital ER.


CSI and several other investigation units scoured the scene…flood lights illuminated all of the terrain – from the marsh along the river up to the guard rails of the route 76 highway above the railroad tracks. The entire nighttime darkness virtually became a daytime scene due to the powerful emergency searchlights.


The mayor scrambled her entourage and cohorts together in an attempt to explain the situation to the media and citizens of Philly. She didn’t know what to say. She didn’t know what to do. She excused herself and disappeared into another room of her City Hall Office. She sat down and cried.


Ranger Glenn was returning from Juneau Alaska when he got the call from his subordinate officers. He was alerted just as he was pilling into bed after the long airplane ride back to Philadelphia by way of New York. The trip was an investigative research and information-gathering endeavor. The trip was long…he was tired. The fact-finding trip proved fruitful. The expedition was intended as a how and why this animal, which belongs in the Alaskan wilderness, found its way to the Philadelphia area.


Barrow Alaska is the Northern most cities in the United States (Atka is the Western most in Alaska and the country) – Juneau is the largest in Alaska and the US, 3,100 sq. miles). Gerald visited several wildlife sites, animal refuge areas, and wild animal experts and rangers in the Juneau, Anchorage, Talkeetna, Denali, Glacier Bay, Kenai Fjords, and Kodiak Island Alaskan territories while ending his investigation in Barrow. It was when he stopped in to look around a few lumber camps, a scenario of possibilities and circumstances started to take form. The travel route of the unreported – undetected bear family.


Captain Samuel was entertaining guests at his Mount Airy home when his cell phone alert sounded. Elizabeth, his wife, their three children, 16 year old Garreth, 12 year old Randall, and 8 year old Teresa – along with Willice’s in-laws, Christine and Frank Ramorez, his two brothers Russell and Steve, and parents Ernest and Valerie Samuel jumped to attention when the Captain became rigid and stopped laughing. Willice stopped flipping burgers on the Barbie as well.


The Samuels’ were proud of their sons. Russell was the manager of the ‘Well-Stop’ restaurant and bar in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. Steve worked in a Chestnut Hill bookstore, while Willice rose through the ranks to Lieutenant and to Captain of the Philly Police Department after graduating Philadelphia University – formerly known as Textile University with a four-year degree in Business Administration. The family Samuel were not wealthy. Ernest worked for several construction companies while raising his children. Valerie was a data processor at a suburban area insurance company for many years. They were a hardworking, close-nit and loving family who struggled to eldest son through college. Willice was the first and only male child to attend and graduate with a baccalaureate degree. His mother earned an associate degree several months prior to Willice’s birth. Russell and Steve decided to wait for college – they weren’t really interested in attending anyway.


Captain Jarard Noodles, aka, “Noodle-head Noodles, as referred by his subordinates and many who knew him, rose through the ranks by way of nepotism…his father and grandfather were cops before him. Jarard was a die-hard bigot. The ‘good-ole boys genre was born to him…he hated Blacks, Asians, Latinos, Mexicans, Indians, Jews, and women – as well as anyone else whom he deemed a lesser being – most everyone except white folk who thought and believed like him. The aforementioned groups, he believed were not his equal…to be subservient to white folk – especially to him. They were born to kiss his Irish ass…many in his charge did – but not Willice. Jarard barely made it through high school. He was at best a ‘D’ student…he sometimes earned a ‘C’. He hated to read and write. His subordinates voice taped or read his reports to him on a regular basis. His directives were recorded and later typed by administrative assistants for dispersal among the ranks of his district unit officers. He was raised in the ‘Fish Town’ neighborhood of the city.


Mayor Finkles got dressed in a lavender colored pantsuit with black pumps on her feet. She squawked into the multi-faceted telephone speaker system…Commissioner Dexter Talis listened intently. The mayor ordered her press secretary to prepare an announcement to the stave off the press reports. The last thing she wanted was a panicked and in-informed populace. The mayors’ entourage was at the ready when she appeared…waving a let’s go signal while disappearing into her waiting limo after exiting her Chestnut Hill residence…enroute to the parks’ west-river drive.


It took the mayor all of fifteen minutes to reach the horrific and catastrophic scene. The newspaper, TV, radio, and network news media were already encamped at the site. The mayors’ personal police escort carved a direct access route through the barricades and intrepid news-hawks. She stepped out of the car, surrounded by bodyguards and her immediate staff. Microphones and cameras made an attempt to smother her. She waved her left hand and with a sternful glance…indicating no interviews or statements. The bulbous police bodyguard squad insured non-interference as she made her way to the central rescue zone.


The coroner was already loading the lower half of the dead cop’s body into the van as the two captains arrived on scene. “Damn”, exclaimed Captain Noodles while viewing the bloody scene and what was left of the cop. “One of the witnesses is already at the hospital,” stated a 14th District Sergeant. Captain Samuel asked, “What in the hell kind of animal are we dealing with?” The swat team commander reported to commissioner Talis. “We’ve found a blood trail leading back from the roadway down to the river’s edge. All that we found was a couple of fingers, a pool of blood, very large animal paw-prints, and crushed shrubbery… Nothing else…whatever it was, it’s gone!” Captain Samuel ordered the gathering of all witnesses for a Q and A at central detective headquarters – the Roundhouse at downtown Eight and Race Streets. The search and rescue floodlights lit up the river, on both sides. Up and down the river, from one side to the other, the search continued. The search continued until dawn. “What in God’s name are we up against?” voiced Commissioner Tanex. The Police Commissioner just arrived on the scene at about 6:30 A.M. He received the report from Lieutenant Commissioner Talis. The commissioner was out of town on official business with the Governor’s commission on crime in Harrisburg. The mayor was standing close by directing a rap-up of last night’s massacre. A voice answered the commissioner…

It’s a bear…a rather larger than life monster Kodiak bear. The voice of dread was that of the newly appointed Environmental Protection Agency agent and Governmental National Parks and Wildlife Ranger Gerald Glenn.










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~Part 2 of FAIRMOUNT the series: “Smith Playground In North Philly”~





Part 2 of FAIRMOUNT the series:

“Smith Playground In North Philly”


Gregory V. Boulware, Esq. 


The funeral was held on Dauphin Street near Broad, it seemed all of Philadelphia showed up to pay respects to the Irvin-Xavier family. Cars, vans, trucks, and buses lined the narrow one-way street. The news media was out in force. Their inquiries, disrespectful at times, furrow for information of the attack on the boys. The Hospital Administrators were inundated with questions from reporters and investigative journalists alike. The police had their hands full. They had no answers or explanations. They were hopeful to get information from the surviving boys.

Malcolm and Jason were ushered into the small multi-roomed funeral parlor. The parlor was constructed from three gutted row houses into one funeral home full of people –friends, family, and news media. Parking visiting cars was at your own risk. The area of what is described, as a parking lot was the chain-linked fenced backyard(s) of the three building conversions from the street through to a back building exiting out into Dauphin Street. The company limo and van were housed in that area of the funeral home property.

The boys appeared to be very uneasy as everyone stared at them. They all seemed to want their reaction, or what they perceived, would be the boys’ mental condition(s) after the attack. Malcolm and Jason looked at each other with watered eyes while holding hands. The terrible event revolved repeatedly in their minds. Jason was wheelchair bound. The doctors at Temple Hospital diagnosed his condition as mentally traumatic with physical damage from the backward tumbling fall he suffered while rolling down the hill and into the roadway of Strawberry Mansion Drive. His body came to a stop on the point of large boulder that was partially covered by Rhododendrons that flourished throughout the park. The fall caused fractures to his lower shinbone and ankle on his right leg. The boy also suffered nightmares, sudden crying episodes, assorted bruises, contusions, and a large bump on his forehead.

The children’s parents and friends kept the cops at bay. The patronizing investigative detectives of the Central Philadelphia Juvenile Division, made every attempt to question the boys. They brought their cynical inquisition right at the parents, implying child neglect, child endangerment, and reckless behavior on the adults responsible for the dead and injured kids. Leon is 13 years old, Jason 12, Malcolm 13, and Lindsey would have been 15 on his birthday, November 5. The attack occurred October 26.

Uncle Rue kept Leon close by his side during the funeral ceremony, his mother on the other. The Xavier Family kept Malcolm from outside influences as well. Relatives and friends continually gawked at the boys while whispering in the ears of one another…commenting and nodding continually. The air in the parlor was stifling. It was permeated with floral scents, perfume, cologne, body odor, and sweat. The air-conditioner was sorely needed although the ambient temperature was 32 degrees on the outside of the building. The date of Lindsey’s funeral was November 4.

Lindsey enjoyed hanging out in the park with his cousin and friends. The boys hiked the hills, fields, mountain-like cliffs, and woods of Fairmount Park. The boys often made their trek near the Schuylkill River. They almost never left the park’s Strawberry Mansion Area of the river because of the wildlife, the fishing, joggers, and scull racing.

Saturdays and sometimes Sunday’s, throughout the spring, summer, and fall were spent in The Fairmount by the boys…unless family chores or events interfered. The Belmont Horse Stables experienced frequent visits by the troop. Boathouse Row was not exempt from the rustic behavior of the four intrepid and expeditionary weekend marauders. While the boys enjoyed fishing, they did not partake of the activity regularly, due to their inability to afford the desired state of the art tackle equipment. They carved their fishing poles from limbs of nearby tree branches. On occasion, they would chip-in .50 cents to a dollar each to purchase tackling line, usually 10 or 15 lb. test. Many anglers along the East and West Banks of the river were accustomed to the devil-may-care adventurers. They were laughed at by the fishermen for attempting to lure fish with a flimsy tackle or two baited corn kernel nuggets or some form of meat tied to their hooks at the end of their weighted-river-sunk lines. The boys were entrepreneurial in their adventures. They would sometimes catch a Karp or Catfish, play with it, and throw it back. Taking the fish home would find its way into the trash or garbage…Mom would not stand for the smelly river-lived animal(s) in the house, let alone the thought of eating it for dinner. Bored, they moved on. They began their mountain journey homeward as the day neared its end.

The last of the speakers ended his sermon. The funeral procession was now underway. The ushers lead the attendees past the coffin for one last view of the dead boy. The lead usher started with the first person of the last row in the funeral parlor. The viewing ended with the parents of the slain child. The casket was closed and carried out to the waiting hearse. The automobile procession was as long and as far as the eye could see. The line of cars, vans, and trucks were numerous. They appeared to be about five or six blocks long. The caravan continued its trek to the cemetery at 32nd and Lehigh Avenue (Forrest Hill). After the burial ceremony, food and other refreshments were served at the church location, 29th and Lehigh Avenue as a community service to the boys’ family and well-wishers.

Uncle Rue enjoyed a bit more taste than the other men who attended the funeral. Albeit, many of the men at the house did not go to the services, the Xavier house, 3635 N. Myrtlewood Street, was filled to the brim with family, friends, and well-wishers. Many folk delivered food and drink while many brought other things. Wine, beer, and spirits were also served at the feast that was overshadowed by sorrow.

Ladia Ben-Whey Irvin was in the kitchen being comforting by her sister, Geraldine Xavier. Ladia was crying uncontrollably. Ladia held her sister and comforted her. Several other ladies were on hand to deliver comfort and support as well. People continually paraded in and out of the kitchen and dining rooms of the house. Paper plates and plastic forks moved like currency at a teller’s window. Potatoes salad, collard greens, fried and baked chicken, macaroni, ham, beef, and Jell-O was served to the ravenous horde. As the evening progressed, several participants of the drink group started to get a bit drunk. A few of the guys began to sing some back-in-the-day ballads. They performed magnificently as the harmony and lyrics rolled of their tongues from beyond the tonsils. Two other young men began arguing over the length of time the other spent starring at the ass of his girlfriend. The older men intervened and prevented its escalation. Several female attendees gossiped and snickered. They were verbally abusive and assaulting. Their behavior began to attract attention from the older ladies who condemned the repulsive behavior. One of the elder ladies was highly annoyed, “we are here for a sorrowful occasion!” “Who cares what type of clothing people are wearing?” “A boy is dead…and you dare to come here with your barroom attitudes and whore-house behavior!” “A family is suffering…and you behave as if this is a party…it’s a celebration of life!” “If you can’t behave…leave!”

The disrespectful females, embarrassed, made their apologies and left…all but one. “Who the fuck does she think she is?” The woman was obviously inebriated. “I’ll kick that old bitch’s ass!” The outburst caught the attention of Lindsey’s father and the other men who attended the services. “You won’t kick anyone’s ass in here!” “My son is dead…and you bring this shit in here…get your disrespectful drunken ass out of here!”

Things quieted down after the explosive conversation. The ladies began cleaning up the house and putting things in order. Ladia finally went to sleep. As she slept on her sister’s bed, her husband, her surviving two children Rey and Malia, her sister, Malcolm, and the remaining family members gently kissed her.

The angry piercing eyes of the thing were now upon them…Malcolm screamed. He was dreaming. His sleep was continually interrupted with nightmares. His parents considered psychiatric consultation. The constant nightmares caused great concern to Benjamin and Geraldine Xavier. “Will this terrible event never end,” asked Benjamin? “Our son will have this embedded in his mind for as long as he lives…what can we do to help him?” “Deenie”, Ben says to Geraldine, “we are going to get him the help he needs…insurance or no insurance.” The Xavier’s have been struggling with making ends meet ever since Ben was laid off from his job as a computer programmer and data processor at the Data-Fax Company in Horsham. His unemployment benefits have reached tier three. He has been unemployed for nearly a year and a half with no opportunities for his caliber of technical skills. Geraldine is an unemployed teachers’ aid who was laid off from her school assignment due to a state cutback in educational funding.  The state welfare system disallows them medical insurance and other benefits that they were entitled, due to Ben’s amount of UC benefits and the fact that he took a temporary job for three days last week. He made $200.40 before taxes. That amount was also deducted from his UC benies. State law pending because Malcolm is a minor and is required to receive coverage as child health coverage mandates (the battle for welfare coverage) apply.

Gerald Glenn, Genailia Francis, and Willice Samuel walked through the patch of rhododendron and azalea bushes to examine the grassy spot near the Strawberry Mansion Bridge. Ranger Glenn removed the sample of plant leaf and soil from a plastic bag while pointing to the spot he had examined during the initial search around the cherry blossom tree. The paw-print, nearly gone after being exposed for more than ten days, gave Francis and Samuel a fright. Now the captain knew why the ranger had that strange look on his face the day the boys were attacked. “Damn, do they actually grow to be that big”, exclaimed Samuel? Glenn answered, “No”. He also added, “I’ve seen them big…but not this damn big!” “This one is huge…gigantic…a monster!” “From the size and length of the print, it’s got to be at least 9 to 10 foot in height and weighing more than 5,000 lbs.

The trio spotted something else during their search. Several azalea bushes were dug up just a few feet from the initial examination location. The roots of the shrubbery were chewed. A few from the spot, a mangled right hind leg of what appeared to be a squirrel, lay in a dark pool of dried blood. Ranger Glenn said to his two companions, “you know…the length of this beasts stride exceeds the stride of any of the beasts known in the Northeastern region of this country…and of other countries as well.” Genailia posed to argue the impossibilities of such a creature. Glenn pointed to another spot on the hard cold park soil. Another print appeared. This latest print appeared to be much fresher than the previous one. “This thing has been here again.” “That print is about four, maybe five days old.” Genailia cited the impossibilities of an animal of this size roaming free in this environment…in this part of the country…in this city. Captain Samuel wanted to know what they were talking about, “Look damn it, what in the hell is all this stuff?” “What kind of animal or monster are you two talking about?” The ranger looked at the professor. “He’s not going to believe what this thing is and what we’re up against…shit, I don’t even believe it…or do I want to believe it!” The professor glared at the ranger, “this is not possible!” It’s highly improbable that a creature like this can be here…it can’t survive here!” The police captain yelled, “Tell me!” The ranger reached for his sample and showed it to them. The chewed and undigested foliage and soil sample was dumped out of the plastic bag. The soil sample contained more than mere dirt. The sample revealed feces. The ranger began to explain the sample that he had kept to himself until he was sure of its actual contents. When he initially gathered the stuff, no one was paying attention to what he was doing. The CSI team had their theory and agenda. It was not in alignment with the Rangers predetermined conclusion “This is what the beast was eating,” Glenn pointed the two dark colored samples. “And this is the beasts’ shit.” “This stool sample contains partially eaten fish, berries, azalea root, and cherry blossom tree bark.” The print that we have come across is twice the size of any known animal in this region. This species of beast can be the most dangerous and destructive animal known on American soil…the planet. Professor Francis adamantly replied, “You’ve got to be joking…an animal that size just doesn’t exist anywhere!” “Lady…you don’t know what can come out of the Canadian wilderness…as I suspect, this beast has had to come from nowhere other than Canada or Alaska.” “Besides…I’ve had the shit and print analyzed and compared to samples of the same type of animal in this region, including the Philadelphia Zoo.” “Ranger Glenn,” said the professor, “you can’t mean”… “Yes I do”, replied Glenn. “My dear Captain, what we are investigating is the invasion of a rather large bear…a killer bear…a giant Kodiak Bear.” The captains’ jaw dropped, “you’ve got to be shittin me…a fuckin bear?” “No captain, a giant fuckin bear…the biggest fuckin beast that I’ve ever come across, according to the prints and the trail it left in this area of the park,” said Glenn. “My friends, this Kodiak is a monster…the average size for a big Kodiak usually grows to about 9 feet in length, 6 to 7 feet high on all fours, and weighs about 500 to 800 lbs.” “From the size of this new print and the print impression that I’ve seen throughout this area of Strawberry Mansion.” The ranger continued on, “Now how it got here is one big damn mystery.” “This animal is territorial and will kill, eat, or destroy anything it deems a threat to its food.”

Captain Samuel went back to the 39th District before returning to the 14th. When Willice Samuel told Captain Jarard Noodles of the last discovery, he replied, “Bullshit.” “There’s no way in hell that we’ve got a killer bear in Fairmount Park.” “Willice, if you go to Commissioner and Mayor with this horseshit, you can kiss your Gold Bars good-bye.” “There’s no way in hell you’re gonna convince these people that a giant bear is living in the park…hell, I don’t even believe you.” “What will the news media do with this shit?” “People won’t go to the park for fear of being mauled…a goddamn panda bear – the assholes with guns will come out of the fuckin woodwork …they’ll want to shot the fuckin place up – they’ll shot at the first thing that moves.” “Well, Jerry…I can’t sit here with my thumbs up my ass…I need to report what we’ve found out in those woods”, replied Samuel. “I’ve got two experts in disagreement over its size while the dead kid’s folks want to know what the hell we’re doing about his killer.” “And now I find myself sitting here arguing with you on what it is, and what ain’t.” ”Tell you what Jerry…I’m going”… The captain’s telephone rings…his expression froze…his complexion changed… it appeared as white as chalk as the color left his face. “There’s been a sighting of your monster bear!” It attacked a mother and her kids over at the Smith Playground…the motherfucker killed one of the kids.” ‘It took him and injured one of the other three!”

Sirens screamed throughout the North Philly air. Ambulances, Fire and Rescue, and Police, converged on the Smith Playground vicinity. The surrounding area of 33rd Street near Cecil B. Moore Avenue was filled with emergency vehicle and the news media. Reporters scrambled throughout the attack scene and its predominantly Black neighborhood. Interviewers shoved microphones and cameras in the faces of people not wanting exposure while those that did pushed and shoved their way to any figure holding one or the other – hoping for a chance to appear on the evening television news shows.

“The beast, according to a passing jogger who witnessed the horrible attack, the older boy in its mouth while standing atop of another kid.” “The mother of the children was screaming and throwing things at it…blood was flying everywhere…the beast was the biggest damn bear I’d ever seen, I mean it was huge, monstrous…the poor kid was in its mouth…it held the boy in its jaws – the kid’s torso was engulfed by its teeth.” The jogger went on to describe the boy’s dilemma. “He wasn’t a little kid…he appeared to be about 16 or 17 years old…his brother, the one the thing was standing on, looked to be about 6 or 7 years old – the big kid was totally in the things mouth – the little kid was just about covered by the animals foot, I could hardly see him…if not for him screaming and the blood spouting all over!”

The accosting beast beat a wide breath through the woods near the rear of the playground and the golf-ball driving range’s high fence. The blood trail lead down the hill and across several embankments down toward the river. The body of the assaulted teen was not found. The bear tracks and blood trail disappeared at the connecting parkway drives and road surface save for a spatter of blood that was found at the entranceway of East River Drive at Green Valley Run Drive. A few feet away was the Schuylkill River. Park Rangers and Mounted Police were in hot pursuit of the animal when a passing roller-blader pointed to the middle of the near frozen river. A scully rower also pointed to the middle of the Schuylkill as well. “Yo…I saw something big hit the water and it made a terrible noise and then I saw the splash as it disappeared under the water.

Authorities from all four points of the city converged on the East River Drive at Green Valley Drive. Lemon Hill was cordoned off to traffic and pedestrians alike. Both ends of the river drives were closed…from the East Falls Bridge to Eakins Oval on both sides of the river. The two police captains rushed to the scene of alarm. Captain Samuel arrived before Captain Noodles. Samuel directed six officers from his 14th District to commandeer the traffic operations at the North end of East and West River Drives – The East Falls Bridge, while the other six, from the 39th District to take charge of the operations at the South end – Eakins Oval. Captain Noodles was caught up in traffic tie-ups throughout the Lemon Hill area, 33rd and Girard Avenue to 34th and Girard, on the West side of the Girard Avenue Bridge – The Philadelphia Zoo. He was stuck on the bridge waiting for officers to clear the way for him. When he finally got to the East River Drive, he wasn’t pleased to find Captain Samuel commanding his men.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Dexter Talis stood in the center parking lot of the Smith Playground screaming into a police hand-held radio. The commissioner ordered all area district commanders to coordinate their searches and to maintain order while controlling the on-lookers and media at large – “NO INTERVIEWS! DO NOT TALK TO THE MEDIA!” As the Mayor was weighing in on the precarious situation, three of her mobile-car telephones were lit up…blinking furiously while she rode in the back of her official city issued limousine. She demanded to know what exactly was taking place. As the mayor was weighing in on the precarious situation, three of the four mobile-car-telephones lit up and flashed furiously. She was already highly pissed at the failure and breakdown of protocol on her watch. The data surrounding the initial attack was never delivered to her office. The mayor punished herself for not going directly to the Irvin-Xavier family. The mayor demanded to know the status of the woman and her three children while screaming into the receiver of the fourth car phone. “I want to see all four District Commanders immediately!” Mayor Finkles was livid. The police commissioner ordered all officers to move everything and everyone in the path of the mayor’s route of travel towards the terrible scene. Finkle’s limo and lead escort car raced down the Roosevelt Boulevard from the Northeast section of Philly. The lights of the two vehicles flashed brightly…red and blue lights on the dashboard, rear window, and front header-panel grill illuminated the cloudy dull late Thursday afternoon. The mayor had just departed a meeting at a hotel on Old Lincoln Highway. The meeting was to generate new job opportunities for the unemployed citizens of Philadelphia. She slammed the telephone into its cradle – she wondered at the possibilities of civil unrest regarding the attacks…the chaotic activities that would arise in light of the fact that the first death was a black kid and the other white.

Gerald Glenn arrived at the 33rd Street entranceway to the driving range and Smith Playground. He attempted to cross the police line that was cordoned off with yellow “Do Not Cross” tape. A rookie officer refused to his advance. The ranger attempted to explain his official capacity and relevance for being at the scene. The rookie refused to hear him. “I’ve got my orders…no one is to cross”, he said with a truculent snarl and stare! The officer stood six foot six and weighed about two hundred and seventy-five pounds. He towered over the ranger who was every bit of five foot ten and weighing near one hundred and sixty pounds soaking wet. The ranger reached for his badge and identification. He held the credentials up for the cop to see…the rookie was staunch in his position. “NO ONE IS TO CROSS THIS LINE…SIR!” The ranger stepped away from the cop while retrieving a cell phone from his right hip pocket. He dialed a number…the number was that of Captain Samuel. He’d given Glenn the number in case he needed to get in touch with him right away. When the captain got the call, he barked into a hand-held police radio. Almost instantly, a police sergeant appeared and screamed at the rookie – “What in the hell is the matter with you?” – While waving at Glenn to come forward and cross under the yellow barrier tape – “Did you not see his badge and ID?” “Yes sir”, said the rookie. “I saw that he wasn’t a cop and this is a crime scene…I was just doing my job.” The sergeant stared at the officer as Glenn walked past him…”Ass-hole”, said Glenn to the rookie cop. The sergeant nodded his approval of the comment.

The ranger stepped away from the cop retrieving his cell phone, dialed the number that Captain Samuel had given him. Samuel received the call from Glen and immediately barked into his hand held police radio. Almost instantly, a police sergeant appeared and screamed at the rookie – “What the hell is the matter with you?” All the while waving at Glenn to come across the line. “Did you not his badge and ID?” The rookie responded, “Yes sir, I saw that he wasn’t a cop and this is a crime scene.” The sergeant glared at the young officer as Glenn walked past him…”ass-hole”, said Glenn to the rookie.

Ranger Glenn watched as the woman and her injured son were attended to by the EMR techs. CSI teams scurried about taking pictures and gathering samples for evidentiary research and evaluation. The ranger was not impressed as no one sought his input. The police sergeant nodded several times while listening to his hand-held police radio. “My orders sir, are to assist you in every way possible.” The ranger smiled. “Actually Sergeant, there’s not much for me to do here…I’ve seen just about all I need to at this point.” “I would appreciate it very much if Professor Francis could join up with Captain Samuel and me at the Fountain Green and East River Drive entranceway…I want to view the area where the creature disappeared.” “The captain has been called to another location sir”…”I don’t know Professor Francis”, said the sergeant. “Alright, can you radio the captain and have him contact the professor?” “Tell the captain that I need her here – NOW!”

The ambulance carried Mrs. Czerpaky and her injured child to Temple University Hospital for treatment. Two plain-clothes police officers in separate unmarked cars followed the ambulance with a marked patrol car carrying two officers brought up the rear, traveled in tandem. The sirens screamed through the city streets as on-lookers gawked and pointed. CSI, Police Task Force, and Swat Teams armed with assault weapons, fanned out through the area of the attack down to the river’s edge. Police Skin Diver crews were dispatched to the river’s edge at Fountain Green and East river Drive. Pedestrian and automobile traffic was grid locked. The local news media swarmed over the area with their air coverage in helicopters. The police choppers issued air space safety guidelines as two air vehicles barely missed each other in flight. The television and radio reports of the incident flooded the communication systems, pre-empting regularly scheduled television and radio shows. The media marquis in center city flashed messages about the attacks and fatality. Nothing was reported about Lindsey Irvin.

Mrs. Carolynn Czerpaky and her sons, Brian and Jason were from Clifton Heights, just outside the city of Philadelphia. They were in the park on a research, study, and play-day trip. Carolynn wanted to teach her sons about some to the wondrous sites throughout the city. The builder-founders of Smith Playground were a part of the criteria. Richard and Sarah Smith in Anno Domini MDCCCXCVII erected the structure. It housed the famous ‘Giant Sliding Board’ with its rooftop balcony and five gables facing the front parking lot on Reservoir Drive and Mount Pleasant Drive at 33rd Street in North Philly. The golf course driving range is located directly next door, separated by a small creek and gully. The playground also has an outdoor swimming pool for the children in the warm weather summer months. Three floors make up the buildings total structure. Arts and craft activities, a basketball court, and several other interests are housed inside the structure as well. The schedule of operation is Tuesday thru Sunday 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. The surrounding area presents many mansions erected throughout the park. Many of them built in the 17th and 18 hundred centuries. Rockland Mansion is around the corner from the playground on Rockland Drive near the reservoir. The Edgley Drive thoroughfare hosts the Diamond Street baseball diamonds and basketball courts. Several tennis courts abound the area as well.

The skin divers were prepared to enter the cold dark murky water. Ranger Glenn ran across the street to where the team’s commanding officer stood. Glenn cautioned and suggested to the Lieutenant not to send the team into the water until they knew whether the beast is under there or not. “We need to recover that boy’s body, Ranger!” The ranger responded, “Lieutenant, if the animal has a den somewhere around here, it has probably stashed the body there…it will protect its prey…meaning, it will attack and kill anything and anybody…play it smart and wait awhile. If you do anything at all, I would suggest dragging the bottom of the river.” The lieutenant paused and thought for a moment…”O.K., I’ll get some boats out there and see if we can get a rise out of the thing by dragging the bottom of the river.” The Lieutenant ordered his men to get their boats out on the water. The divers and crews began the dragging process. The motor powered rowboats and cruisers scoured the riverbanks on sides, east and west simultaneously while working towards the center. Two boats headed up the river towards the viewing stand on the East side of the river. A small island, which stands immediately in the center of the river, was the immediate search area. The island entertained many species of wildlife that nature had to offer in this region. It housed mostly the Canadian Geese who most always lived in this area year-round. The officers in the two boats approached the island on either side. Tethering their craft, the two- man and two-woman team disembarked the vehicles and stepped onto the soil of the island.

The four officers were very careful as to not disturb hatchlings and other wildlife residing in and on the island. One of the officers noticed a large print with distinctive five point edged insertions. The large distinctive prints cut deeply into the soil…they appeared to be unusually large claw marks. Further into the search, about five to six feet away from the first impression, geese nests were dug out and destroyed. The remnants of eggshell crumbs were scattered about…shrubbery and several small trees were torn and uprooted…roots were chewed and limbs were broken, “He’s certainly been here”, stated one of the officers. “Alright…call it in and let’s get the hell out of here before it comes back”, another exclaimed.

The city’s Police Commissioners, District Commanders, National Guard Officers, several A.D.A.’s, representatives of the news media, Professor Francis, Ranger Glenn, 8 Local Park Rangers, and 4 zoo officials were present at the mayor’s emergency meeting in her City Hall Chambers. The mayor walked in with a distinguishing looking elderly gentleman, an advisor. He was the former mayor of Philadelphia, Roger Tanex. The mayor opened the meeting with greetings to all. She then focused her gaze upon the police commanders. “Gentlemen…where are we at present with this investigation?” Police Commissioner Dexter Talis reported Mrs. Czerpaky and her eight-year-old son are being cared for at the local hospital. Her son, Jason, is in stable condition as related to his injuries. The body of the other son remains unfound. “We are continuing to keep on with our search up and down the Schuylkill River and its banks. Park grounds and trails in the immediate area are patrolled…the patrols have been doubled and all available officers as well as the National Guard and Park Rangers are put on alert status. “The commissioner then turned his gaze towards Captain Samuel and nodded as the television cameras recorded the officers every movement. Captain Samuel motioned Ranger Glenn and Professor Francis to come forward. “I’d like to introduce The United States and National Parks and Forests Ranger Gerald Glenn and The National Game Warden and Carnivore Expert, Professor Genailia Francis.” “These two experts discovered signs of a rather unusual species of wild animal that we most probably have never before encountered.” “Your Honor and distinguished representatives…we have discovered a most dangerous and very large animal in our midst,” said Professor Francis. “Ranger Glenn and I have concurred and consulted with my mentor and teacher, Professor Vernon Rockford, whereas we have concluded this animal to be a very large

Kodiak bear!” “This animal stands approximately nine-feet tall while standing on all fours…from the ground to the shoulder. His length is probably twelve to fourteen feet in length, snout to tail, and weighs about five thousand pounds.” “The three of us have been in contact and with extensive examinations of these types of carnivores…albeit, not nearly as large as this one.” “Professor Rockford can best explain and elaborate on the type of animal that we think we are dealing with.” “Professor,” Genailia conceded the floor to the professor.

“Thank you, Professor Francis…allow me to present a brief history of the type of animal that we are dealing with. A power point slide show was projected on the bare white wall, the Southwesterly wall of the meeting room.

A photo array of different types of bears was projected from the viewpoint of the professor’s lap top computer and projector. The Kodiak bear, as we know it is an Alaskan Bear. One of the great Alaskan Brown bears; it’s also one of the world’s largest land dwelling flesh-eater. It grows to be about 9 feet in length and can weigh up to 1700 lbs in weight. Alaskan Brown Bears feed almost entirely on fish when salmon are running upstream to spawn. An expert fish catcher…other times the bears make a meal of whatever is available; they dig for roots, bulbs, grass, berries, fruit, eggs, insects, squirrels, and other small animals…bears eat many kinds of food…mostly vegetables.”

“Bears make up one family of the carnivores, or meat eating animals or mammals, if you will. Bears share a common ancestry with dogs…close relations are raccoons and pandas – all have bulky bodies and stubby tails with thick and powerful legs. Their heels touch the ground just like humans when they walk. The prints of their back/hind feet are remarkable. They are much like the prints of huge flat-footed humans. The Native-American Indians called the Grizzly Bears beasts that walk like people. Bears can run at nearly 30 miles an hour – they are skilled tree climbers and live for about 15 to 30 years in the wild. They can live longer in captivity. Most bears are found in Asia, Europe, and North America. The South American Spectacled Bear is the only species living south of the equator. The main types of bear inhabit the North Americas – Big Brown Bears, the Grizzly and the American Black Bear. Polar Bears inhabit the Arctic Region.”

“The Black Bear, ranging in species, is found in Alaska and Northern Canada to Central Mexico. The American Black Bear appears in a variety of colors – most of these bears grow shiny black fur in the Eastern Range; many have brown or cinnamon colored coats, in the Western Range. The Glacier or Blue Bear, with grayish blue fur are found in Southern Alaska. In the island off British Columbia, a species of Creamy White fur colored bears can be found. They are called Kermode’s Bear. The American Black Bear usually weighs about 500 pounds. They are the smallest of the North American Bears and it is a wide-ranging species. Like many bears everywhere, the American Black Bear fills up on many different kinds of food during the summer and fall. By the time cold weather comes, the bear is very fat and ready for a long winter’s nap. Eating nothing and living off its fat throughout the winter sleep. Occasionally it may wake up briefly and grumble. On mild days it may even leave its den for a short walk.”

“Cubs are born in late January or early February while the mother is in her den. She usually has two cubs, but sometimes three or four are born. Each one is usually less than 10 inches long and weighs about 1 pound. The cubs are covered with thick coats of wooly hair by the spring, March and/or April. The cubs and mother leave the den and start to wander through the woods or their immediate environment. The mother bear keeps a constant watch over her cubs. She begins to teach them how to hunt for food. If danger is near, she’ll more than likely send the cubs up a tree. The mother will protect the cubs to the death. If the cubs disobey the mother bear, she may grab them by the scruff of the neck, portray a scolding growl, or cuff them soundly. The family usually stays together for about one and a half to two years.”

“The Grizzly is a vanishing monarch. It is usually found to be much larger than its cousin, the Black Bear. The Grizzly usually weighs up to one thousand pounds. The only North American Black Bear is the Kodiak. There is a significant physical difference between the Black Bear and the Grizzly. The Grizzly’s face has a curved-in appearance whereas the Black Bear has a straight face. The Grizzly has a shoulder hump and very long straight claws. Its color can range from a yellowish shade to almost black. Some have light-tipped hair that gives a virtual grizzled look. Sometimes these bears can also be identified as Silvertips. The mighty Grizzly once ranged from Alaska to Mexico. Now they have almost disappeared from the Canadian border. They have been seen in the wilderness areas of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. The National Park in the American West is the most likely place to see Grizzly’s, much like his animated kin, ‘Yogi Bear’ of Jelly-Stone Park. Grizzlies are closely related to the Alaskan Brown Bear. Some experts consider the two are the same species. “

“The Great White Bear – the Polar Bear roams the ice packs and costs of the Arctic Ocean. The weight of these great white bear may be as much as one thousand pounds. A powerful swimmer, it has been found for out at sea. Polar Bears have been known to travel from one iceberg to another. With keen eyesight and an extraordinary sense of smell, makes this great bear a proficient hunter. Polar Bears have been known to hunt walrus pups, seals, large fish, and other catchable prey. One technique of this huge animal is to hide its nose; which is often black, as well as its paws; in the snow. The mass of its body is as white as the surrounding terrain that masks its presence. The female is the only polar bear that stays in a den during the arctic winter. The female polar bear that is due to deliver cubs digs a den deep in the snow after traveling inland. The bear sleeps in the den throughout the month. Nights in the Arctic can last from about thirty to thirty-one days. The newborn cubs are usually about 10 inches long. The cubs have been known to stay with their mother up to about one and a half years of age. The hunting of polar bears is limited by International Agreements whether it be hunting or commercial purposes. Other bear, such as the Spectacled Bear lives in the Andes Mountains of South America. There are many variations of Brown Bears. Some of these bears are known to live in the European and Asian Mountains. The Himalayan Black Bear is an interesting animal. Its fur has the look of a mane. India, Malaysia, and Srilanka have white or yellowish crescents on their chests. The Indian Black Bear and the Srilanka Black Bear is an insect-eating sloth.  This information gentlemen and ladies should help you to better understand the nature and the different types of bear in the world and throughout this region. The hybrid bear that you are searching for is an anomaly. I don’t understand how this animal has come to claim the parkland of this region. It has to have come from the Alaskan Wilderness…what brought it here is a question that I will ponder and return to you my findings when completed. Thank you for your attention and patience in my presentation and explanation to the dilemma that we are now dealing with.” The professor did not wait for questions as he left the room. The ranger and Professor Francis studied the faces of the people in the room for reactions. They were not disappointed. The look of shock and bewilderment stretched all around the room, from face to face.

Mayor Finkles stood up and looked at the commanders…”I want results…like yesterday!”

Captain Samuel motioned to the ranger and the two professors to join him, “I’m going out on a limb here…I believe in what you’ve uncovered. However, as we speak, the zoo people are convincing the mayor and her gang to the contrary. We need to get this thing and get it quickly…because I know it’s going to kill someone else…my kids hang out in the park!” The four-member group headed out of the meeting room into a waiting elevator. Captain Jarard Noodles glared at them from across the room with envious eyes. He wanted to discredit Samuel and the professor. He was bucking for a promotion…he wanted to be the Police Commissioner.


This bestselling novel has 31 chapters to the conclusion. To the author’s discretion, the remaining chapters may or may not be shortened, while Parts 1 and 2 have been submitted in their entirety…Stay Tuned and Happy Reading!


Next Week, Part 3 of ‘Fairmount the Series’ – “Sweet Briar Cutoff.”








~”FAIRMOUNT” – The Series: Pt. 1 ‘Strawberry Mansion’~




The Series – Part 1

‘Strawberry Mansion’


    Gregory V. Boulware, Esq. 

“The Horror of It All…!”

The race against time begins in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park. Dead bodies were compounded from one side of the river to the other. From Alaska and down through Canada the dealers of death are pursued in the hope of bringing the killing to an end. The city’s officials are at odds with one another. The populace is on edge and demanding closure…an end to the terror that has the city in a grip of fear, turmoil, and a cold sweat of terror.

Anger, racism, and greed are exposed among the highest order. Philadelphia Police commanders are placed under tremendous strain to control its inner city workings to quell this evil overshadowing of the town. One Black Cop and the Native American Ranger are in the battle of their very lives and careers with the confrontation of white apprehension in the capture of the killer.

Read All About It the newest form of Terror that has gripped the City of Philadelphia…

The Fairmount Park Rapist became second fiddle to this latest horror in our city’s parkland…where no one is safe! No one in able to control, contain, or prevent the attacks of this killer that stalks the area…save one man who knows the inner workings of the mind of this murderer!





“In this chapter, the first, it was ‘Malcolm’ who was attacked; not ‘Lindsey.’ The revised volume(s) of “Fairmount” (and this installment as well) will show the corrections made, subtle as they may be… Thank You Readers/Followers for your indulgence.


It was a bright and crisp mid-fall morning in “Fairmount Park.” The bike ways’ were full of people. The early morning allowed the enjoyment of being out of the city, sort of. The river was full of rowers in their “Sculley’s” practicing their craft as if they were competing in a race at Oxford, Westminster, or Cambridge. The anglers bitched and shook their fists as they rowed by, causing large ripples in the water where they dropped baited lines, anticipating the fish to bite. Joggers were sucking it up as well and breathing the fresh crisp air. The weekend mornings were usually busier than workouts during the week. Children were out collecting leaves and exploring the parkland. Parents, coaches, and other responsible adults were busy directing the young ones in organized game playing and such. Three boys, about the age of twelve ran by the busy groups of chess players, hikers, picnickers, bird feeders, and newspaper readers. Saturday morning was one of the best mornings for exploring and cliff climbing in the Fairmounts.‘ Sundays were good too.

“Hey you guys, come up here!” “You can see everything from up here!” The guys came running to the cliff in the hillside and climbed up to where Malcolm was standing. “What took you slow pokes so long?” “I should have left you.”

“Aw shut up, we could’ve beaten you up here if we knew where you were sneaking off to.” Jason was Malcolm’s best friend and classmate. They lived on the same small block in North Philly near 30th and Lehigh Avenue. Lindsey was Malcolm’s cousin. He lived on the block too. Leon was another member of this band of merry fellows. They were usually inseparable. Leon had to go with his uncle to get new shoes. He was not able to make the traditional Saturday morning trek. He complained to his uncle. He even attempted to trick his uncle into letting him go out with the guys. “Uncle Rue, we can go to the shoe store this afternoon just before dinner time.” “That way, you can make your stop at the barber shop and the liquor store on the way back.” His uncle looked at him with a curious eye and replied, “No.” “We been puttin off this thing for a couple of weeks now.” “Its time to get you some new shoes for school.” No need in waiting til the last minute!”

A thunderous roar erupted just as Lindsey placed his hand on the last rock in the cliff, pulling himself up onto the plateau. Dirt and shrubbery flew all around as if a strong wind-gust blasted through signaling a squall in a rainstorm or twister. The boy could not believe his eyes. He nearly fell backward off the ledge of the cliff. But he knew subconsciously, that he had to hang on. It’s about a twelve hundred foot drop to the bottom.

Painful fear gripped his heart as he watched the massive tree-trunk sized object strike his cousin and lift him from the ground. Malcolm’s eyes were fixed on Jason and then on his cousin. His eyes screamed at them as if he were saying, “why don’t you guys reach out and grab me?” “Something hit me!” “It hurts!” “I’m falling!” Jason and Lindsey could do nothing as they watched in terror. The flying, broken, and bloodied body of their friend and cousin twisted and turned in the air while falling away from the cliff’s surface and down towards the bottom of the hillside. The angry and piercing eyes of the thing were now upon them.

The Canadian truck that hauled a load of timber rolled down the Alaskan hillside, headed towards the United States boarder. The driver had no idea he was hauling away the offspring of a fierce and most deadly creature. The lumber being delivered had been sitting on the work site for a long time. The half cut trees were harvested last spring and had been grown over by vines and moss. One would not have known the lumber was marked for the mill in New York. Several trunks of the wood had boreholes in them from the wild birds and burrowing animals. The ground under the wood was soft from the seasonal rain. It made for a perfect cave and shelter. The rain could not get in under the pilings although the ground was very warm and moist. A burrowing creature living under the pile was shielded from the environmental elements of the changing seasons. The burrow made a perfect year round shelter. No one would notice the den beneath the piles of massive timber amongst the collected piles chopped tress of the lumberjacks’ work site. In Alaska, it was a normal sight.

The 65 ft. tractor-trailer rumbled onto the New York Interstate. Around noontime the driver came up on a rest stop and parked the 18-wheeler in the truck parking area behind the Petro Station restaurant. The driver took a quick look at his cargo lines and checked the tie downs before heading towards the eatery. Two man-sized balls of fur squeezed out from the middle of the piles of wood on the back-end of the truck. They stumbled into the wooded area of the parking lot. Snow began to fall on the foot tracks that the fur balls made in the soil. The creatures wandered for several hours around the wooded area. They began to realize that this was not home.

“Captain Willice Samuel” stood looking over the edge of the cliff, peering down onto the East river Drive. The screaming sirens of emergency vehicles filled the normally quiet environment of park life. Speeding past the stopped traffic below, the EMR vehicles made their way up the hill to the spot were the kids were playing. The Strawberry Mansion Bridge was at a standstill as was the East River Drive traffic. Nothing and no one was being allowed to move through the area. Traffic was backed up all over. Ridge Avenue was being over-crowed with the over flow of rush hour traffic. Both river drives, East and West, were backed up into the East Falls area of Midvale Avenue into Henry Avenue. The downtown out bound traffic was a mess. The local news on automobile radios reported the traffic mess as an accident in the park. They were not aware of the trouble that was amiss. Emergency vehicles were parked at the spot were the body of ‘Malcolm Xavier’ lay at bottom of the twelve hundred ft drop from the cliff of the Strawberry Mansion roadway. The first EMR personnel on the scene could not believe their eyes.

They’ve seen hillside falls before. The boy’s body was not only twisted from the fall, he was mutilated. The entire left side torso of his body was missing. The child’s inner organs were spewed out all over the ground and around the spot were he came to rest. It was like a large airplane propeller swiped him and cut him in half. His lower torso was twisted around in the opposite direction of the upper half. The look on his face was of utter horror. His eyes were wide open. His mouth was set in such a way that it appeared that he was trying to say something. “He can’t tell us what happened but maybe his friends can”, said one of the workers. The other three boys were whisked away by an ambulance and two police cars. They were whisked away in a state of shock. ‘Lindsey’ screamed all the way to the hospital. The missing parts of the dead boys body were not found during the intensive search area.

The Forrest Ranger walked over to the Police Captain and stood right in front of him and quietly requested his attention. The two men walked to another side of the search area for the private conversation. Gerald Glenn has been a Forrest Ranger for more than twenty years. Four of those years, his assignment had been the Northeastern Pennsylvania Region. Ranger Glenn knows everything about everything in the wild, from its greenery to the smallest of animals. Ranger Glenn pointed to something on the ground next to one of the Cherry Blossom trees, a print of something large was present. A few feet away in a southwesterly direction, off the roadway of Strawberry Mansion Drive, another large print was found. One of the CSI Investigators spoke to himself aloud, “What the fuck is this thing?” Ranger Glenn noticed the look on the face of the investigator. He and Captain Samuel walked swiftly to where the man was standing and staring. They joined the investigator in his bewilderment. Gerald Glenn leaned on the thick trunk of the Cherry Blossom tree and thought to himself, “I know this print…they’ll never believe me when I tell them!” The ranger walked to the other side of the drive and bent over to see the mark of something on a patch of rhododendrons. He could not believe what he was starring at. The mark on the bushes and grass gave him no room for doubt. The size of the mark and footprint was at least four times the size of the beast that Ranger Glenn was familiar with. He just didn’t know how to begin to explain exactly what kind of danger this community, this area, this city would be in if he were to be correct. The horrified look on his face was a dead giveaway to the other investigators. They wondered what it was that scared the ranger.




“The Horror Of It All…!”

My goodness, Mr. Gregory Boulware, your back cover blurb doesn’t prepare us for the interior. Thank you – and your author photo is beautiful also.

Mr. Boulware is an excellent storyteller and, with definite twists and turns, this book is not for the faint hearted. Gruesome and grizzly, but at the same time highly readable, at no time does the story fall flat.

Eliza Earsman





 This bestselling novel has 31 chapters to the conclusion. To the author’s discretion, the remaining chapters may or may not be shortened, while Parts 1 and 2 have been submitted in their entirety…Stay Tuned and Happy Reading!