~ ‘A Tacony Civilian Affair’ ~ Chapter 10 “Fairmount” – ‘The Series’

Chapter 10


‘The Series’
~ ‘A Tacony Civilian Affair’ ~


Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.

The Police Commissioner watched Captain Noodles’ departure. Captain Samuel watched the commissioner. Dexter Talis looked, approached the captain and said, “You know why we had to get him out of here don’t you?” The captain nodded, “I am somewhat aware of the reasoning Commissioner.” He replied.
“Noodles is not cut out for civilian affairs – people just don’t like him.”
Samuel replied, “You mean people who don’t look like him…don’t you Commissioner?”

The lieutenant commissioner and the commissioner looked at the captain long and hard. “Yeah…that’s what I mean.”

“Listen Willice,” said the commissioner. “The mayor and a host of other big wigs will be arriving shortly. I’d like for you and the ranger to head up this mess. I’m aware of Glenn and the Mayor’s understanding and I know what some folk’s think of me…I’d like for you to keep me in the loop – I’ll do my best to get you whatever you need to get this job done – and I’ll keep Noodles out of your hair as well. If you do right by me, I’ll do right by you.”
Samuel gave the commissioner and his lieutenant a nod. “We all shall see Commissioner…we shall see.” “You know that I can make this an order Captain…but I’d like your trust in me Willice, to back you up – trust in me to back up what I promise…what we promise.” Tanex and Talis nodded and smiled in unison.

Willice said, “I know what can and won’t be done Commissioners…and I do appreciate the candor and faith in our abilities, the ranger and me.” The captain walked from the middle of the bridge on Girard Avenue and headed towards 34th Street where the ranger and his team where stationed. The commissioner motioned for his car. He relinquished control to his lieutenant. Hew then turned and leaned on the bridge railing and gazed out over the river, which seemed to evenly flow towards center city. He thought,” What in the hell is happening to this town – its crime, the current terror in the park, and his job?”

Mayor Finkles was wide-awake and constantly and continually apprised of the events of the night. Sleep being disallowed, she sipped on a glass half-filled with an expensive sherry. She received and transmitted communications from her downstairs home office. Between sips, she pondered the conversation between Talis, Tanex, and Francis. The conference call between the four was narrowed to three with Genailia’s departure from the call. She was heading to meet Glenn at the zoo. The conversation shifted from correlating strategies of capturing the escaped bruins to that of command competence of the play callers. The trio agreed that politics and personal gain took a back seat to populace security. They also agreed that Captain Noodles is best assigned to head up operations in the Northeast region. They agreed that many of the area’s men would respond to the captain’s directives as opposed to Samuel.

Captain Noodles arrived at the Tacony District Police Headquarters before going on to Kensington. The shift commander informed him of the arrest of suspect in the Kensington Stranglings. He asked the commander if the guy was black or white. The cop responded with a smile and said, “Well Captain, he ain’t no jungle bunny!” The captain smiled. The commander continued, “The guy looks like a spear-chuckin nigger with a spic name.” The captain laughed aloud. “Yeah, said the watch commander, “they got the motherfucker somewhere on Westmoreland Street earlier this evening.”
“Good,” Said Noodles. “That’s on less murderin nigger on our streets…and one less black ass preying on our white women!” Laughing aloud, the duo headed into the back room of the building where ‘whites only’ hung out between shift changes – when suddenly, an explosion occurred. It sounded like a bomb, blurted out by one of the cops who happened to be a Viet-Nam Veteran. The building shook violently as did other buildings and homes in the area.

Police stationed inside the district building darted about. Others converged in the commons room and then outdoors to see what was amiss.
Just about all of the neighbors in the area was standing out in the cold of the night to see what was the matter. No one knew until the fire engine sirens screamed enroute to the destination of the explosion. The siren screams grew as many other first responders arrived at the scene of destruction.

A house on Disston Street near Frankford was engulfed in a ball of fire. Three row houses on either side of the dwelling were also engaged in the white-yellow-blue-red light with billows of black smoke rising from them. Fire Fighters sprayed the properties with cold streams of high-pressure water being pumped from the corner fire hydrants and their trucks. Many of the area neighbors were standing out in the cold in pajamas and bathrobes. Women holding babies were standing in the slippers on the icy-cold sidewalk. Several of the men were double-checking accountability of their families, pets, and vehicles. Many of the cars and trucks on the blocks were destroyed…burned and burning and or crushed by building material and hot bricks. The strong and pungent aroma of gas permeated the air as police were ordered to get the people out of the immediate area for fear of more explosions.
Captain Noodles ushered his driver towards their unmarked police cruiser. Immediately, he began barking orders to his men over the police radio communicator. “All squad commanders in the Tacony District – get these houses evacuated right now – cordon off that area for three bocks square around the site of that fire – I don’t want anything living inside that restricted area except fire, gas, and rescue personnel. I am enroute to the location from Bustleton Avenue. I should be arriving in under five minutes.”

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“Captains – Philly Style!”

Chapter 9
“Fairmount” – ‘The Series’

“Captains – Philly Style!”

Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.


The police captains coordinated their teams around the entire area surrounding the zoo. The West Philly neighbors in the area were encouraged to remain in their homes. Captain Noodles’ team was stationed on the Girard Avenue side of the zoo while Samuels’ team was settled on the Spring Garden side. Samuel’s team was also assigned coverage along the backside of the zoo from the rail yard into the 38th Street area through Parrish into 40th. Noodles’ team cordoned the Girard Avenue Bridge covering the West River Drive access routes and I-76 into 33rd Street. The National Guard dispatched men and equipment that filled the area as well.

Complicating matters at the zoo, the police were still working murder cases. One of the cases is the unsolved Fairmount Park Rapist. The other is the Kensington Strangler. A jogger running along the East River Drive, back in October 2003, was stabbed and raped while running on the drive near Fountain Green Road. A previous attack was investigated in April of the same year. Later, in July, the Philadelphia Homicide Unit was also investigating a stabbing in Wynnefield Heights. That same month in 2009, a woman was sitting on a park bench in the park when a man came running from the woods. “He was balls ass naked,” she said. Prior to that incident, a woman was sleeping on a park bench after a run. A man who covered her face with a tee shirt awakened her. He forced her into a wooded area, where he tied her wrists with plastic ties and sexually assaulted her. August of 2007, in the Pennypack Park area, another woman was attacked while jogging along a path near the creek. A man pulled her into the woods, raped her and ran off. The stabbing death of a woman over a bicycle in Northern Liberties winded down with the apprehension of a young black man. The case was assigned to the Central Detectives Unit. Captains Samuel, Noodles, and Stafford were assigned to pool their services and collaborate their efforts in support of the investigations by the detectives.

Captain Noodles was relieved of officiating duties during that year. The reassignment was due to improprieties in his professional performance. He was subjected to reprimands and suspensions because of his alcohol abuse and unprofessional behavior. He almost lost his police captain status. Once while interviewing a rape victim in one of the park attack cases, Noodles used inappropriate language and propositioned the young blond woman as well. He’d invited the woman to dinner and late night entertainment in the midst of the attack interview. His logic and explanation to the indecency was that he wanted to comfort and help her to forget her pain. He had also been drinking on duty and the smell was detected and reported by a subordinate officer. The young sergeant was one of Samuel’s men. Captain Samuel confirmed the report when asked by officers of the Internal Affairs Division. Noodles hated Willice’s honesty as much as his blackness. Willice also outranked Jarard by about six months seniority. He was revolted and despised him for that too. The report damn near cost Noodles his job, rank, and pension. It was the good ole boys network that covered his ass.

Lieutenant Commissioner Dexter Talis was standing with Colonel Russell Jeunaus in the middle of the Girard Avenue Bridge. A call came in from the Tacony Police District. They were informing Commissioner Tanex and Lieutenant Commissioner Talis of an assault in the district. Talis ranted, “Why the hell are you calling me instead of the Special Victim’s Unit Commander?” “They have been informed, sir.” Said the watch commander. “We thought you’d like to be notified about this latest attack near Frankford Avenue. I am aware of the current situation out there commissioner…just an attempt at keeping you in the loop and ahead of the game, sir!” The watch commander smiled to himself with sarcasm. “Thank you Commander Reily. I do appreciate your heads up.”

The commissioner called the two captains from their points of command. He began to explain to the men about the telephone message and new orders. “Fellas…three times in the last thirteen months women have been attacked in or near the park on Frankford Avenue. I want it stopped and I want the bastard who’s doing it in chains – I want him caught and locked the fuck up!” He glared at the two captains. “Now look, I know the areas are not in your districts. But I need you two guys to help me out here. Noodles, you know that piece of territory pretty damn good. The folks out there kinda relate to where you’re comin from.” Samuels looked at both men and said nothing. “I want you out there controlling and directing the streets. The detectives will be busy enough without worrying about the public. Plus, we’ve got that Kensington shit happnin. Noodles stop what you’re doing and get out there to relieve Captain Anderson. We’ll handle things here.”

“What about my men commissioner…they’re lookin for me to get things done right here?” Replied Noodles.

“Listen to me Noodles, victims in each of these cases offered us the same basic description of the man who attacked them. In at least three of the cases, victims said that the son of a bitch wore no clothes – you know the people out there…they’ll talk to you. Samuels will cover for you here…he’ll take care of your men – now get going!”

Noodles scowled and spit while looking directly at Samuel. Captain Samuel smiled.

While enroute to the Kensington Police District, the transgressed captain complained to his driver. “Mother F….. N……!” “I hate his f….. guts!” “I know what happened…the black bastard was suckin up to the bosses – him and that red n….. half breed! Because the two of them sambos and that broad talked them into believing this bullshit about a f….. bear. Ain’t no way in hell no Goddamn bear is doin all this shit! That ole man and black bitch with them f….. college degrees say its so…they go and believe em.” The captain hatefully continued complaining. “Actually, I wouldn’t mind poking that broad myself…she’s definitely a looker. I wouldn’t even mind the fact that she’s black – I’d have her black ass kissin my feet, washin my ass, swingin and suckin on my d… in no time…I’d have her do it every time she saw me, as soon as I walk in the door – f….n n…..s!” “Sergeant, make sure that my car is brought back to my house…I don’t want no sambos drivin it or touchin it!” “You got that sergeant? The sergeant nodded and drove on.












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~ ‘The Rush’ of “34th St. and Girard Avenue” ~


Chapter 8 of

“FAIRMOUNT”: The Series


Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.


‘The Rush’ of “34th St. and Girard Avenue”

It didn’t matter how soon the guards reacted to the alarms. Their actions would make no difference in what could have been prevented. They could not have prevented what they found. There was nothing they could do…nothing to prevent the damage and destruction encountered at the bear exhibit and the front gate. The guards were magnificent in their actions and reaction time. Buttons to lock down exits and entrances. Buttons and levers were tripped to activate intruder and destruction prevention. All security systems were activated to precision timing and perfection. The guards assigned to various sections of the zoo were vigilant in the pursuit of their job endeavor. Upon radio checks from the shift supervisor, while she monitored the video cameras and screens, which covered an enterprise wide viewing area – the guard thought aloud, “My wife will be so very proud of me.” He was thinking of his adept and professional attentiveness and dispatched speed in the performance of his duties. He was proud of himself. All of that feeling was rewarding. It was a fulfilling and self-alluring experience. In an instant, it was all shot to hell when he arrived at the bruin exhibit. The cages were all ripped to shreds. He could taste his heart muscle in the back of his throat. It tasted like a glob of icky, nasty, and vile taste one gets first thing in the morning and during battle with sickness or a hangover; that gunk at the back of the mouth upon waking from a deep, a short forced sleep – a long dream of drunken intoxified unconsciousness – waking up with that glob and foul breath before brushing and gargling. He felt sick at the sight of the destruction.

The brown and black bear exhibit was destroyed…it was obliterated. The bears where on the loose – no one knew where. Six brown bears, five black bears, two grizzlies, and a female Alaskan Kodiak were roaming the streets. The supervisor of zoo guards franticly searched the terminal screens. They were nowhere to be seen. Another call came into the guardhouse. The guard on the east side of the campus reported the fence being smashed and bear prints leading out into 34th Street! In the darkened evening sky, two little ones huddled together during the excitement and exposure to sudden freedom. No one knew of their existence.
Emergency calls went out to various agencies. Police, Fire, Zoo Administrators, and City Officials as well as the Federal and National Park Rangers were notified. Captain Samuel was at home asleep when he got the call. Jarard Noodles was in a bar near Thompson Street, in Fishtown. “Fuckin Niggers can’t never do anything right.” Patrons and the bar tender laughed heartily. “Don’t forget the Spics and Gooks, Cap,” said one of the male patrons. A young white female patron looked up from her beer and asked, “Ain’t you got no shame?” The captain replied, “They call themselves Niggas – Niggas with attitude!” All of the white guys in the bar roared with laughter. The bartender and the woman looked at each other. In unison, the bartender and the barfly smiled at each other and in rap style, they sang, “Yeah baby, but they sho can rap!” Laughter erupted again throughout the taproom. The captain rose from his stool and shouted. “Now that’s my bitch!” He snatched his gun and cell phone from the bar surface while downing his bourbon. Leaving the bar and stepping into his unmarked car, he seethed. “Shit…I ain’t in the mood to deal with this shit.” Noodles turned the car on and sped away towards the zoo.

Ranger Glenn arrived at the zoo at approximately 11:35 P.M. His team got there 5 minutes later. Genailia popped open her investigator’s kit and began taking samples and scrapings of scratches on the bars, ground, and walls of the bruin exhibit. Glenn and lieutenant Wells headed to the 34th Street side of the zoo. After examining the tracks in the snow, they followed the trail from the broken gate to the east side of the street. The trail ended at the curb. Wells ran to that side of the street. Signs pointed to a trail down the embankment outside of the pavement. In the dirt, trees, shrubbery, and mud that headed down towards the I-76 Expressway, there where more prints and signs that the animals who tracked through the area were heading towards the river. Asa Wells motioned to Gerald Glenn to come and see what he’d found. The ranger jogged across the street to where Wells was standing. Wells pointed at the shrubbery, broken limbs, marks on the tree, and the bear tracks in the mud and snow. Several paw prints lead down the hill into the expressway corridor while many others aimed in other directions. The rangers were able to tell the difference in the size and species of the escaped bruins.

Many of the tracks were those of fully-grown bears. The two sets of tracks that pointed towards the railroad overpass proved to be of high interest to the men. They were two sets of tiny paw prints.

The two young bear cubs, one female and the other male, were found under the train trestle. They were huddled together under the bridge attempting to elude their hunting enemies. They appeared to be cold and frightened. The rangers approached the twins with stealth and caution. They didn’t want to take a chance at scaring the cubs into bolting. The rangers moved slowly with a reassuring posture. The cubs watched them intently but didn’t run. They allowed the rangers to approach and touch them. The human contact was not threatening to the cubs. They had experienced human contact before. The handlers at the zoo were they’re first human contact. The rangers also knew if the cubs felt threatened and cornered, they would attack with the natural intent of defending themselves. The claws of a young cub are capable of leaving a nasty wound in flesh and their bite can be equally vicious.

34th Street was cordoned off as well as the surrounding area of the west Philly neighborhood. On Girard Avenue from 33rd Street to 40th Street and Girard on 34th Street to Spring Garden Street. The two men crossed 34th street back to the zoo campus, each cradling a bear cub in their arms. Once safe lodgings were set for the twin babies, the hunt was on for the other fourteen escaped bears. The ranger ordered photographs of every inch the campus especially the damaged cages and trespassed areas – from the zoo trails and broken fences and gates. A zoo official and bruin handler was standing near the broken fence on the 34th street side of the campus. He approached with an obvious demeanor of anger. “What in the hell are you idiots trying to pull?” Other zoo reps looked at each other in confusion and replied, “What do you mean, sir?” Glenn interjected, “You know…you people really know how to piss me off! First you go up to the top of the world and fuck with the animals up there, causing them to do shit they don’t normally do! Then you stick them with all kinds of shit that only God knows what – and now you got two kidnapped cubs in your zoo! Where is the record of their adoption and housing? How’d they get here in the first place – why the secret of their being here? And now you’ve got fourteen fuckin bears wandering through the park and the Goddamn city!” The Ranger screamed.




Gregory Vernon Boulware

The Series: